Ny CS3 uppdatering 2.1.0 (2)

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Ny CS3 uppdatering 2.1.0 (2)

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Miscellaneous and bug fixes
Save docking of items
The bug which prevented the docking of the docked elements has been fixed.

CV synchronization for locomotive settings
The synchronization of the CV settings and the writing of the values ​​to the decoder has been corrected and corrected. Long DCC addresses are correctly transferred to the decoder.

Display of the address using a DIP switch
The display of the switch position of the DIP switches has been corrected. DCC switch positions are hidden for Motorola decoders.

Lokicon at mfx registration
The locicon when registering an mfx locomotive was determined with an incorrect path name. This has been corrected and the correct icon is now being drawn.

Set up locomotive functions
An error that led to high CPU load has been corrected in the Lokicon dialog. Using the dialog is now more fluid.

Crash on switchboard configuration
A crash could occur when inserting an S88 contact and subsequent configuration. That is fixed.

Missing icons for controls
Some system icons were deleted too much when cleaning up. These are now available again.

CS2 and events of the CS3
A CS2 in the system network with the CS3 could prevent the locomotives from starting and the release of the events. That is fixed.

Set up S88 contacts
An S88 contact of a Link-S88 could be moved to a device that did not support the bus and module number and therefore the contact could not work. This has been remedied.

Bug fix VNC server of the CS3
An error in the settings for the VNC server of the CS3 has been corrected.

Upload size files via web server
The limit for files has been adapted to the requirements when programming decoders. Transfer of decoder projects to the CS3 is now possible.

Bootloader 2020
A new boot loader with a modified hardware update improves the stability and startup behavior of the CS3. The consequences could be unstable operation and starting problems.

Program extensions
GO function in events
In the events it is now possible to send a "Go" command. This means that a booster can be put back into operation after a short-circuit detection without having to stop the entire system operation. In connection with the HALT command, operation can be stopped safely on large systems in the event of a fault, the short circuit can be eliminated and the operation can then be continued again.
If you insert an S88 contact in the events as a trigger, you can implement buttons on the system that trigger the HALT and GO functionality.

Extension of tractions to the direction of the locomotive
The direction of travel of a locomotive is taken into account when assembling a traction and sent accordingly when controlling. It is now possible to have locomotives with forward and backward direction of travel in a traction.

Setup locomotive functions
Useful icons have been added to the "Frequent icons" of the locomotive function facility.

Lokicon's innovations 2020
The locicons of the 2020 fair novelties have been added.

New driver's cabs
The driver's cabs for ICE4, SBB RAm TEE and BR 648 Lint have been added.

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