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HNoll uppdaterad info

Inläggav jonas_sth » mån 19 sep 2022, 11:32

HNOLL har förmedlat uppdaterad information 22-09-18 via hemsidan :tummeupp:

Mer Info: hnoll.se

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Märklin andra batch av DV30

Inläggav jonas_sth » sön 18 sep 2022, 11:47

Det kommer en andra batch av postvagnen 47365 under november...

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Piko September nyheter 2022

Inläggav jonas_sth » sön 18 sep 2022, 09:16

Ännu ett grönt GC Traxx nu med nummer 5405 och leveransklart från fabrik :roll:

Ellok BR 5400 Green Cargo DK Ep. VI
59157 2-räls inkl. PSD XP 5.1 S 255,00 €*
59057 3-räls, inkl. PSD XP 5.1 S 265,00 €*
Modellen är förberedd för ljuddekoder 56613

Mer info PDF: piko.de

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Märklin & Trix Höstnyheter 2022

Inläggav jonas_sth » tor 15 sep 2022, 12:30

marklin_kat_2022_host.jpg (26.16 KiB) Visad 163 gånger

Som sagt skönt att man ändå bara kör svenskt och att man har övergett det slanka C-växlarna :)

Mer info: Märklin & Trix

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Märklin prishöjer från oktober

Inläggav jonas_sth » tor 08 sep 2022, 20:29

Ja som allt annat så går även priset upp hos Märklin från 1 oktober...

39280 2.6%
43488 6.3%

As you can see from the media, there are still large price increases on the procurement markets for a wide variety of goods that we need as raw materials for our production, but also for services such as the transport of goods.
Of particular note are the significant price increases for electronic components that are included in many of our products.
In order to compensate for part of the costs, we cannot avoid adjusting our prices for some items as of October 1st, 2022.
The price increase primarily affects items with electronic components, such as locomotives, but also other items whose calculation requires an increase.
However, many articles remain unaffected by the price increase, e.g. a large part of the track material.
Please note that we do not pass on the actual price increase on the procurement markets to the purchase and sales prices of our products, but bear a significant part of the cost increase ourselves.
For the Mobile Station, e.g. as a low-cost entry-level device in digital model railways, we had not increased the price for many years and now have to compensate for the material procurement prices, which have risen several times in a row, with price increases. In this respect, the recommended retail price from October will be €119.00.